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As a busy dental practice, we understand you don’t always have time to manage a full-scale marketing plan, you just need results. This platform can help you to maintain patient data online which helps in increase new patients, retain existing patients and reactivate old patients - all resulting in increased revenue for your clinic. We’ve created a dedicated online Dentist Portal called medioncloud.com to help you manage the patients and enhance your online exposure.

“God Created life"

We welcome new patients of all ages, whether you need a treatment for yourself or for your kids, Just register with us and get access to your personal guide to appointment, next schedule and all necessary details for your treatment.

Its fully integrated electronic data recording system which includes all the patient demographics, doctors information and their availablity. all the inventory and stock information and intimate you when product is under threshold limit. Will provide you all the reports like appointment, medical, billing etc. Helps you to keep track all the information and it will never lost.

Our Features

We utilize the latest technology to enhance your dental experience. To remember each and every patient details and appointment schedule is not easy. we provide you all the best and easy services to make the work easy. We pride ourselves in making your dental experience as relaxing and pain-free as possible.


On Dashboard, view all the appointment scheduled and plan your other activity, Infopedia provides you the recent dental updates, and notification related to the availability of doctor, patient and other inventory items.

Patient Information

Important and major feature will list all patient demographics. patient information page having filtering criteria to quickly search the desired patient based on various parameters. Easy to understand treatment details.


It helps you to keep a track of all your inventory and stock. A complete product manger from where you can add new products and purchases. Notification on dashboard whenever a product falls below a threshold quantity. Auto deduction of product consumption.


The Calendar will show the schedules of all your appointments and the doctors at the clinic in a simple manner. Customizable calender, which adapts to your working hours and practice styles.

SMS Center

Keeps you linked with your patients and doctors. You can send SMS to multiple persons at once or can create group to send SMS at a time. Templates can be prepared and saved for fast messaging.


A complete section of all the reports where you will get reports related to Appointment reports, payment reports, reminder reports, sms reports, treatment based reports. You can print/save/Email the report as pdf/csv format.

Why choose us

We listen

We take the time to understand what you need, so that we can better help you. Helps in automatic reminders and recalls while you focus on your work. we can change/edit all the requirements as per your needs.

We work with you

Our web based software has been designed with an effort to make it user friendly and affordable. We don’t follow a script when we’re talking to you, as your particular needs and questions are unique. We pay close attention and then do whatever it takes to find the correct answers to your questions.

Latest and economic

In an economy industry where the cost to provide and receive quality care is growing, it is our commitment to constantly provide you the support and find ways to make our services more affordable/efficient.